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Greetings from the UFP

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--- Quote from: Connor Altinus Mcleod on April 21, 2020, 05:28:23 PM ---Mack,

Good to see you about. I approved you today and added your rights. Sent you a discord invite. We are holding STO events on Sunday mornings at 730 AM EST.


--- End quote ---

Hi Connor,

Thank you for setting me up here.

I've also joined your discord but unable to change my nickname on your server - I've accepted you as friend. Thanks for sharing your event times, however I do want to discuss with you something more on an Armada level - assuming you are the person to talk to regarding Star Trek Online.

Was wondering when we could have a quick chat?


Connor Altinus Mcleod:

Weekends work best for me. Send me a note in Discord on what you want your name to be?


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