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Group: Retired Officer
Position: Retired Officer
Rank: Lieutenant (LT)
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Gender: Male
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Date Joined: Tuesday, July 9, 2002
Date of Rank: Tuesday, January 11, 2005
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[MSM] [10VRA]
Retired OfficerThis position is granted by the Regiment Commander to officers who have served above and beyond.
Lieutenant (LT)A Lieutenant in good standing may be promoted to Captain 18 months after their date of rank. At the Regiment Commander's discretion time may be extended or shortened in this rank due to merit.
[MSM]Meritorious Service MedalAWARD: Meritorious Service Medal
DESCRIPTION: This award is given to a Watch member that performs well beyond the call of normal duty and sets a positive example within his unit as a whole.
AWARD AUTHORITY: All Game Officers, RCO, DCO and Wardens
JUSTIFICATION: This award is for game improvement (something that benefits only the Game they play, not the entire guild).
[10VRA]10 Year Veteran Recognition AwardAWARD: 10 Year Service Recognition Medal
DESCRIPTION: This is a regimental medal, awarded to a member in honor of their ten years of membership in, and dedicated service to the Royal Black Watch Regiment.
AWARD AUTHORITY: RCO, DCO and Wardens, Adjutant, PAC Officer.
JUSTIFICATION: Ten years service to the Royal Black Watch Regiment.