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Group: Active Guild Members
Position: Honorary Member
Rank: Staff Sergeant (SSG)
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Role: (None)
Main Game: Neverwinter
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Sponsored: This member has sponsored 14 other members.
Date Joined: Saturday, June 6, 2020
Date of Rank: Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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Neverwinter Star Trek Online
[CA] [*]
Active Guild MembersThis is the main roster of the Watch listing all members who are active and do not have a special assignment.
Honorary MemberA member of the Watch who, through word or deed, is considered a lifetime member.
Staff Sergeant (SSG)Staff Sergeant is the first rank in the senior NCO tier, this is where your ground pounder and basic line troop leaders will reside. Most company positions require the member to have the rank of Staff Sergeant before they may be placed in the position. A Staff Sergeant in good standing may be promoted to Sergeant First Class 180 days after their date of rank. Those who show their worth may become a Sergeant First Class, which is the highest enlisted rank one may attain on their own. At the Company Commander's discretion time may be extended or shortened in this rank due to merit.
[CA]Commendation AwardAWARD: Commendation Medal
DESCRIPTION: Awarded to members for quarterly conduct above and beyond the normal call of duty.
TIME FRAME: To be awarded to one member per Game on a quarterly basis.
AWARD AUTHORITY: All Game Officers, RCO, DCO and Wardens
JUSTIFICATION: This award is for company improvement (something that benefits only the company, not the entire guild).
[*]Achievement MedalAWARD: Achievement Medal
DESCRIPTION: This award is presented by an officer or NCO to a member that has performed a specific task above and beyond the specifications laid out.
AWARD AUTHORITY: All Game Officers, RCO, DCO and Wardens
JUSTIFICATION: This award is for doing a single task well, not an ongoing effort to improve the overall company.