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Tabletop gaming involves players being led through an adventure by a Dungeon Master (DM), sometimes called Game Master (GM). Players and the DM meet at a scheduled time they all agree on. This tabletop game meets online and is led by Brethraeus.

Sarceriss is not a place, but rather the appeals of a single person. The first Sarceriss was a nobleman from Waterdeep, Faerun. This Nobleman was said to have obtained a great and mysterious power, a power that led to the most noble and honorable of royal lines within the cities of Waterdeep and of Neverwinter. To this day, no one is certain what powers Sarceriss obtained, but it is said that, every new year, over one hundred people turn up dead -- their bodies drained completely of their blood, and bite marks on their necks. Knowing full well what Sarceriss was, the first king of Neverwinter exiled him to a crypt known as the Fore-Wakening. This crypt was sealed and forgotten. That was over 264 centuries ago. Some say that each year they have seen Sarceriss roaming free in the countryside of Neverwinter. But, if this were truly the case, then why did he not enter the city itself? Our champions come forth to address the situation. . .

If you are interested in looking into D&D table top, or have never played D&D before, just send me an E-mail, at, so we can talk.

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