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Confusedly Impressed

Author Topic: Confusedly Impressed  (Read 861 times)


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Confusedly Impressed
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:03:21 AM »
Clannad, one of the iconic visual novels from Key...  over a decade old...

Just went on steam at 50$ price tag and leapt to top 3 in sales in the same day.

Wow.  Finally a VN on steam worthy the title.  Pricey, but there is ~80 hours of story to it, so figure from there.  On sale as well at the moment.

In absolutely unrelated news, it's a good time to buy stocks in tissues.


Only video could find that didn't spoil.  Though if you insist on knowing the lyrics, have a translation
*amusingly by the comments seems common to tear at hearing the opening notes  :P


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