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State of the Watch for Aug 2017

Author Topic: State of the Watch for Aug 2017  (Read 539 times)

Connor Altinus Mcleod

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State of the Watch for Aug 2017
« on: September 07, 2017, 03:04:48 AM »
Hail to the Watch,

Communication is the key to any good group.  A simple 'hello' or a 'how are you doing' is a great thing. It lets people know that we care and prevents the very thing that is beginning to happen in the guild - feeling alone. You see, as a multi-game group, we are 627 people spread across 13 plus different games. When you look at this, it means that we must talk. 

I know that many of you have a small group you enjoy gaming or visiting with, and for years we did not have the capability to span many different games.

Now we do. Finally, with the advent of Discord, we have the capability to communicate just like we did when we were on guild chat in the old days. Discord does not require voice, you can just log in and type, either in a general channel discussion or in private messages.  We're all busy with work, school, family, etc., and most of the day to day communication occurs using text-based messages. 

So I ask you all to say hello when Watchers come online. If you need a hand or are looking for something in the guild, ask. There are no bad questions. Come join us in Discord so that we can 'talk' a bit (Discord has a pretty good voice function, too!).  Here is the link https://discord.gg/d5uJGzX

See you in the lands and in Discord.