The Royal Black Watch
Allied Guild Representatives
Many as One

This is a company designed for allied guilds who place representatives in the Watch to enhance communication between us all. This will be done as new alliances are formed, and they are not members of the guild, per se, but instead enjoy diplomatic status.

This group supports the following games:
Team Of:
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(None)KalimasteNeverwinterCaptain (CPT)Allied Guild Master
 [3rd] LasarianWorld of Warcraft ClassicCaptain (CPT)Allied Guild Master
(None)MackStar Trek OnlineCaptain (CPT)Allied Guild Master
 [4th] MazerLord of the Rings OnlineCaptain (CPT)Allied Guild Master
(None)Three of SevenStar Trek OnlineCaptain (CPT)Allied Guild Member
(None)jdcollinsStar Trek OnlineLieutenant (LT)Allied Guild Member
(None)UFP-McClintockStar Trek OnlineLieutenant (LT)Allied Guild Member
(None)[HDG] George WadeMechwarrior OnlineCaptain (CPT)Honorary Member
(None)CallumnNeverwinterLieutenant (LT)Guild Member
 [EFA]  [1st]  [ESFA] SylphWorld of WarcraftSergeant (SGT)Guild Member