The Royal Black Watch
Extended Leave Team

The Extended Leave Company is a place for a member to go that is on a significant life event. (Deployment / Real life Illness or otherwise)

This group supports the following games:
Team Of:
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 [*]  [*]  [*]  [3rd] Treena(None)Captain (CPT)Senior Guild Member
 [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]  [*] ...Elbryann(None)Sergeant First Class (SFC)Guild Member
 [1st]  [*]  [DA]  [GIMB]  [PP] ...Flirno(None)Sergeant (SGT)Guild Member
[*]  [*]  [*] [*]  [*] MimeoNeverwinterSergeant (SGT)Guild Member
 [1st] KickAzz(None)Private (PVT)Guild Member
 [4th]  [1st]  [2nd]  [3rd] Tanarion(None)Private (PVT)Guild Member
(None)XtrinityDestiny 2Private (PVT)Guild Member